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The VSB will be hosting its fourth district-wide Sustainability Conference this year on April 18, 2016 at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary. The day will include keynote speakers, two workshops sessions, a zero-waste lunch, a NGO Fair and Networking & School Planning sessions.

The Conference welcomes students, teachers, administrators, and PAC members from all 18 Vancouver secondary schools, as well as board staff and trustees, out-of-district attendees, and elementary school teachers. Building upon the successes of past conferences, VSBSC 2016 hopes to:
  • Celebrate sustainability inside and outside of the VSB. Showcasing environmental action can inspire even more action, and we want to open the eyes of our community to just how much potential is buzzing around them.
  • Empower youth with the skills and networks needed to execute their ideas, in hopes that this will enable students to tackle projects with a strong foundation, built by like-minded people before them. We hope to build bridges between youth, organizations, and existing sustainability expertise, in order to strengthen them all through their bonds.
  • Facilitate both inter- and intra-school discussion on sustainability goals and post-Conference action plans. By providing participants with time to brainstorm within their school groups what sustainable action they would like to see taken at their schools, we hope to rally students to enact the change they wish to collectively see. We also hope that bringing all 18 VSB high schools together will encourage inter-school support on sustainability projects, particularly ones that have been previously undertaken by other VSB schools.

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Netflix and.. Squids?

When I think of squids, I don’t think of squids glowing in the dark. Typically, what I would imagine is my fifth grade field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium, when my class witnessed and participated in a squid dissection. We were all disgusted at the stench of dead squids, yet it was truly intriguing to […]

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We’re super excited to meet all 400 of you this Monday! This is just a friendly reminder to bring your own TUPPERWARE/CONTAINER, CUTLERY, and TRAVELING MUG for the food and drinks. We are striving to be a zero-waste conference! There will also be a small-appliance drive with the chance to win Cineplex gift cards! So […]

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T-3 Days till registration closes

Hello everyone! If you’ve been following the VSBSC 2016 blog, you’ll know that we are slowly wrapping up the final stages of the planning of the conference, which will take place on April 18th 2016. With this in mind, registration is soon closing, on the 13th. If you’ve been thinking about registering, do not lose […]

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