The VSBSC is proud to present 10 amazing workshops this year!

Art & Traditional Skills

by Sharon Kallis ( EartHand Gleaners Society)

Sharon will teach participants how to make rope using natural materials easily grown and harvested in  city gardens, conversations will include what plantings can support class teaching and how the process of rope making can be used as a core method for understanding  basic principles of physics and our shared pre-culture hand technologies that link all all people back to  the land.

Cookie Mining

by Katherine Mussunden

Mining is one of the world’s most important industries. Nearly every item in use by human beings comes completely or in part from products mined from the earth. The impact of mining on our planet and its ecosystems is often devastating but doesn’t always need to be. In this interactive workshop, students will participate in a simulation of the mining process using chocolate chip cookies and toothpicks, This simulation will help to illustrate the delicate balance between using the earth’s resources and maintaining a healthy environment.

Designing Cities for the Good of People and the Planet

by Ekaterina Aristova

Urban design is key to achieving sustainability in the 21st century as our cities continue to grow. How will you drive change your city to achieve sustainability and maximize human well being? This hands-on workshop invites you to unleash your creativity and find meaningful solutions to the problems found in cities today. After an engaging discussion about sustainability and cities, participants will form groups of four or five. Each group will receive a large-scale printout depicting the same ordinary-looking neighbourhood. The decision on how to transform this neighbourhood is up to each group. Participants will draw, write, or create collages directly on the provided illustration with the goal of shining light on human well-being and sustainability. At the end of this workshop, participants will gain a new perspective on city design as well as ideas for bringing positive change to their communities.

Electric Vehicles – The Future of Transportation in Vancouver?

by Ian Neville

Over the next decade, the City of Vancouver is anticipating up to 30,000 more electric vehicles (EVs) on our roads. Join Ian Neville in an interactive discussion, the City’s lead on EVs, to find out how the City is working to make sure that people have a place to plug in their cars and how this will help the City of Vancouver eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels.

Exploring Sustainability Education and Career Paths

by Karen Stroebel

Want to continue to work on sustainability after high school? Whether you are interested in business, science, arts, engineering, or another academic field, sustainability can be a part of your academic and career path. Explore sustainability education options with UBC Sustainability Initiative.

From the Soil Up!

by Elana Evans and Maddy Clerk

In this interactive session, students will have the opportunity to design a unique farm model for their school community. They will be asked to explore ways to build a closed loop system, dream big, and care for what they cannot see. Students will also learn the basics of making compost tea to revitalize soil health and build balance within the below ground ecosystems.

Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion Strategies

by Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang, executive director & co-founder of the Hua Foundation will share best practices around “diverse” community engagement and lessons learnt working across cultures through his work on projects including Shark Truth, the Choi Project to Chinatown Today. This workshop will provide perspectives and frameworks on how to empower and bring underrepresented communities to the table. Questions on how to be be a good ally, and how not to tokenize will be addressed.

Organizing Change

by Zohreh Rezaiemanesh

This workshop is aimed to help develop strategies to find the root of problems relating to group dynamics and attendance. Throughout this workshop, we will look at the power of surveys, examine power structures, and draw from each other’s experiences to gain knowledge on how to create sustainable groups for sustainable causes.

Personal Sustainability

by Cyrah Esguerra

The focus of this workshop is to help students better manage stress from school, extracurriculars, and/or life. Through detailed explanations and interactive activities, we will cover three main topics: time management, organization, and personal care.

The Future of Fashion

by Chloe Popove

Chloe Popove, owner and founder of My Modern Closet will be leading the participants through a series of written activities + open conversations about being an activist through fashion and what that looks like for and in the future.

Water Sustainability & Youth4Tap with Metro Vancouver Youth4Action

by Youth4Action

Water is essential to life. From its conservation and consumption, to its privatization and misuse, water can be a contentious global and local issue. Educating each other on water issues is the first step toward water stewardship and responsibility. This workshop can be tailored to educate different groups on a variety of different water-related topics ranging from privatization to watersheds to conservation to bottled water.