VSBSC 2022 Team

Meet the people who are organizing the 10th Annual VSB Sustainability Conference!

Rachel Dong


Rachel is a grade 12 student at Eric Hamber Secondary. This is her third year involved with the VSB Sustainability Conference and she is thrilled to be returning to the executive team as Chair. Rachel is passionate about climate justice and works with various environmental organizations such as Ocean Wise and Kitchen on a Mission. She enjoys creating meaningful change surrounding issues such as intersectional environmentalism, homelessness, mental health, systemic racism, and gender equality in STEM. In her spare time, Rachel can be found spending time outdoors or chatting with grade 8s as a peer counsellor. She hopes that this year’s conference will inspire others to view sustainability through a more holistic lens, and is excited to create new opportunities for climate action. Rachel cannot wait to reconnect with the VSBSC community this year! 

Lauren Tam

Workshop Coordinator

Lauren is a Grade 12 student at Point Grey Mini School. From attending her first VSBSC conference in elementary school, to being a Youth Head Delegate in 2020, she is honoured to be one of this year’s Workshop Coordinators. Lauren also leads sustainability initiatives such as the Point Grey Mural Project, a sustainability-themed mural installation, and Lift Vancouver, where students make handmade masks from 90% recycled materials for the community. Lauren loves singing Olivia Rodrigo songs, watching random psychology videos, and admiring the city view at night. Sustainability has always been incorporated in her life. Now, she’s ready to work on meaningful events that can make this subject more accessible to all students across the city. She is eager to watch and contribute to the growth of this year’s conference. Lauren hopes to connect and talk with you soon! 

Ainslie Yang

Workshop Coordinator

Ainslie Yang is a Grade 11 student at Prince of Wales Mini entering her second year of involvement with the VSBSC. Along with volunteering for VSBSC, she’s been a member of her school’s Be The Change (WE) Club and participated in the National Ethics Bowl Competition, where her team placed third! Ever since she was young, she’s enjoyed spending her time outdoors, preferably hiking, camping, or doing anything in the mountains, and her love for the environment has led her to become an active advocate for climate justice and other social issues. She is passionate about intersectional environmentalism, Indigenous sovereignty, and stopping the building of new pipelines. In her free time, Ainslie can be found reading, watching Netflix, and forgetting to bring her gear to field hockey practice. She’s excited to meet all the youth passionate about environmentalism at this year’s conference and looks forward to empowering new generations with knowledge about the climate crisis. 

Benjamin Yen

Logistics Coordinator

Benjamin Yen, or Ben Yen for short, is a grade 11 student enrolled in the Summit mini school program at Vancouver Technical Secondary. After attending the VSBSC UNITY conference, he decided to join the executive team as a Logistic Coordinator. Since a very young age, Ben has been an avid supporter of social issues and has recently grown a passion for sustainability. Outside of this role, he served on VanTech’s student council for two years, planning events and increasing student outreach. He is also currently a Co-Vice President of his school’s UNICEF club, an organization aiming to improve children’s lives in many ways such as environmental solutions. In the future, he is aiming to get a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, where he strives to join parliament as a champion for environmental policies. When he has a moment to spare, he can be caught listening to songs from musicals, cooking up a storm, or going out for walks. Alongside a diligent executive team this year, he aims to help create a captivating conference for youth of all ages.

Madhavi Soni

Logistics Coordinator

Madhavi Soni is a grade 10 student attending the Digital Immersion Mini School program at John Oliver Secondary School. She is a very active and passionate advocate for women’s rights and equality, poverty, climate change, mental health, and racism. It is important to her to be the voice for others who are not being heard. She advocates for these issues and does her part in the community by being a part of Here4Peers, the Vancouver District Student Council, the Youth Cares Committee, Saint John Ambulance, JO Cares, and VSBSC. This year is her first year being a part of the VSBSC and is excited to take on the role of one of the Logistics Coordinators. In her spare time, she can be found playing basketball, playing the piano, hanging out with friends, spending time outdoors, or listening to music. She hopes to connect with her community and contribute to educating the youth about how to lead sustainable lives through the VSBSC!

Leona Lam

Outreach Coordinator

Leona Lam, sixteen-year-old student, community volunteer, and drama queen. She is a grade eleven student at Sir Winston Churchill. Leona has been involved with VSBSC for three years now as a Youth Head Delegate and two time Public Outreach Coordinator. She spends her time volunteering with several organizations such as BC Heritage Fairs, VSBSC, BC Youth Council, SWC Student Council, SWC Student Voice, Good Guys and IHCAS. It has always been a passion of hers’ to create meaningful change regarding significant issues in her community, such as mental health, gender equality, climate change, environmental, economic sustainability, and systematic racism. Her goal is to use this platform to influence a positive ripple effect in hopes of inspiring all students and adults in the BC community. The greatest movements start with the voice, ideas, and passions of our youth. Leona cannot wait to connect with the VSBSC community again.

Kaya Horii

Outreach Coordinator

In her 11th grade year at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary school, Kaya is full of energy and passion for creating a community, and by extension a world, that is safe, inclusive, environmentally conscious and welcoming to all, regardless of race, gender identity, religious background, sexuality, etc. She is honoured to be one of VSBSC’s Public Outreach Coordinators and hopes to engage people of all ages and backgrounds and lead sustainable initiatives in her community through education, discussion and hard work. Sustainable living has always been something Kaya is passionate about and looks forward to being able to use her voice to advocate for environmentally friendly living. If she’s not doodling on any scrap paper she finds, you can find Kaya volunteering for organizations such as St. John Ambulance, as well as multiple school clubs, listening to music, playing video games or taking a nice nap somewhere comfy.  

Jacqueline Bochen

Graphics Coordinator

Jacqueline is a grade 12 student at Eric Hamber Secondary and she is super excited to join this year’s VSB Sustainability Conference team for graphics & publicity. Her interest in sustainability emerged when she started volunteering for the City of Vancouver Adopt-a-Block program, where she regularly picks up litter off of the streets of Vancouver. After becoming more aware of the amount of waste that ends up on the ground, Jacqueline decided to do something about it, and she hopes that her efforts will encourage others to do the same. When Jacqueline isn’t staying late at school to play music in band or jazz, she can be found running at incredibly odd hours of the day, reading, and creating art. Jacqueline can’t wait to learn more about sustainability and create change in the community through VSBSC.

Katarina Krivokapic

Graphics Coordinator

Katarina Krivokapic is a Grade 12 Point Grey Mini student and thrilled to be coming back to the VSBSC for her third year! After two wonderful years in the VSBSC as a YHD and Executive, she is continuing her previous role of Graphics Coordinator in her final year of high school. As a graphic designer for the VSB Sustainability Conference, Katarina’s role marries her passion for climate justice with her love for graphic design. Through her work, she hopes to inspire Vancouver youth to take climate action and highlight the meaningful work the VSBSC is doing. In her spare time, Katarina enjoys baking, watching movies, and of course – graphic design!

Ava Vinet

Graphic Design Coordinator

A Grade 10 student at WJ Mouat Secondary School, Ava is one of the Graphics and Publicity Coordinators at this year’s VSBSC. When she’s not on stage performing, she is spending her time pestering her friends about littering and telling them about this “cool” scientific discovery she found while reading her “totally not lame” book on the periodic table. She first discovered her passion for sustainability and activism in middle school, stemming from her love of fashion and science, and how unsustainable those industries are and will continue to be without change. At school, Ava is a member of the French Immersion Program, and is a member of choir and concert band, where she is a dedicated (though not always punctual) flautist. Ava is an actress at Creative Edge School of Arts, and has performed in over 20 productions, including Mary Poppins (Jane Banks) Fiddler on the Roof (Chava) and an upcoming performance of Newsies (Crutchie). You can find her baking sweets in the kitchen, or painting very mediocre paintings at extremely concerning hours of the day. Ava is so excited to help make a difference in the world through sustainability, and learn even more about climate change!