VSBSC 2019 Team

Samantha Lin (Co-Chair)

Sam is currently a Grade 11 student at Prince of Wales Mini School. She is a dedicated and involved member of her community, who loves playing ultimate, working with kids, and spending time with friends in her free time. After sparking a passion for sustainability, Sam was constantly looking for new opportunities to get involved. She is so excited to return to the VSBSC Executive Team as Co-Chair of the conference! She hopes that the conference not only teaches you something new, but inspires you to take action and get involved.

Stephanie Quon (Co-Chair)

Stephanie is a Grade 12 student at Eric Hamber and she is super excited to be serving as the Co-Chair of VSBSC this year! Her passion for sustainability grew when she learned about the concept of “place” and protecting it when she attended MVST 2017. In the realm of sustainability, she has started a battery recycling program at her school, works with the organization Sprout-Save-Share, and did an environmental science research project at SFU. Stephanie hopes the conference this year can help people learn more about issues in sustainability and how they can be solved. She’s excited to see you all there!

Johnson Luong (Logistics Coordinator)

Johnson is a Grade 11 IB Diploma student at Britannia Secondary School and is thrilled to be part of the VSBSC team this year as one of two Logistic Coordinators. His interest in sustainability emerged when he joined his school’s Environment Club last year. Through that, he attended the most recent Sustainability Conference and ended up thoroughly enjoyed it. Inspired by the conference, Johnson stepped up this year to become the school’s Environment Club Vice President and a Recycling Manager. If not looking for things to fill up his CAS hours with or procrastinating by watching videos on how not to procrastinate, Johnson can be seen volunteering at his school’s after-school care, going to TAG meetings, and playing sports like ultimate and badminton. His homework and due dates may be piling up, but his passion for sustainability has yet to dim. He hopes that the people that attend the conference this year will also be inspired by it just like he was!

Angelina Puen (Logistics Coordinator)

Angelina is Grade 10 and is currently attending Point Grey Secondary, she is very eager to be serving for the VSB Sustainability Conference as one of the logistic coordinators. She is passionate about helping around the community and hopes to be able to teach people more about sustainability. At a young age, Angelina has been very keen on providing and donating care packages to the community. Angelina is very involved at school as she is leading the Me to We club as the Vice President and is part of Student Council as the Grade 10 representative. During her free time, you can find Angelina playing piano, listening to k-pop, playing badminton, and volunteering around the neighborhood. Angelina hopes to have youths attending the VSBSC to leave inspired and to help the community!

Nahira Gerster-Sim (Workshop Coordinator)

Nahira is a grade 10 student at Prince of Wales and is ecstatic to be the be co-workshop coordinator this year at VSBSC 2018-2019. She is very interested in all the ways we can help out the community and teach others about sustainability and what impacts is has on our futures. Her interest in the environment stemmed from her love of animals and becoming a vegetarian. She’s helped organize the annual Great Climate Race, started a paper reduction campaign, and created a sustainability club at her school. Nahira’s also working as the grant director in the Sprout-Save-Share organization . She hopes to continue to learn and influence others about changes we can make in our everyday lives, and she’s super ecstatic to see you all there!

Seraphina Tsui (Workshop Coordinator)

Seraphina is a grade 12 student at Eric Hamber Secondary. She is passionate about the effects of plastic in sustainability, as well as bees! She leads her school’s environmental club, doing seed saving, pulling invasive species, and other sustainability projects with the club. After completing a beekeeping course, she now maintains the school’s beehive. She enjoys sharing her thoughts about the environment with others. Her hobbies include cooking and baking, playing with animals, and swimming. She is very excited to be planning this year’s VSB Sustainability Conference!

Natalie Tsvetkov (Public Outreach Coordinator)

Natalie Tsvetkov is a Grade 12 student at the University Transition Program, is extremely enthusiastic to be the Public Outreach Coordinator for the 2019 VSB Sustainability Conference. She has been involved with sustainability since she attended the Earth Day Youth Summit Conference as a Third Grade delegate. When she is not studying, she can be found playing the guitar, helping curious children, or having intense debates with her friends. When she was a child, she recalls writing her own novels (which were sprinkled liberally with pictures) and darting through the sliding doors of the public library towards the bookshelves. She hopes that this conference will inspire you, and other individuals who believe they can change our environment for the better. As Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Myra Wei (Publicity Coordinator)

Myra Wei is a Grade 10 student at Prince of Wales Mini School and she is super excited to be the Publicity Coordinator for this year’s VSB Sustainability Conference. She loves meeting new people and taking care of the environment, and being involved in the community. As a competitive dancer, she is most often found training at her studio. In her free time, Myra enjoys playing the guitar, watching Netflix shows, and listening to music. She hopes that the attendees of the conference have a fantastic time and is looking forward to see everyone there!

Annika Rivada (Graphic Design Coordinator)

Annika is a Grade 12 student at Eric Hamber and she is very excited to be part of this year’s VSBSC team as the graphic designer. Growing up, drawing has always been one of her passions; after learning about graphic design just a few years ago, she grew quite fond of it. She is fairly new to the world of sustainability but always had an interest in learning more about it and the issues revolving the topic. She wants to become more involved with the community, giving back to the earth as much as she can and thinks joining the team is a great start for it. She hopes to learn more and be able to teach other people about sustainability at this year’s conference!