Plastic Ocean Pollution

Most people know that there is plastic in the ocean. Yet people don’t really seem to be worried, and quickly underestimate the problem.

What many cannot comprehend is the fact that there are more than five trillion tons of plastic particles, that weigh about 268, 940 tons, in the ocean today.  Plastic is not only mistaken by marine animals as food, but it also doesn’t break down easily, which really makes a lot of sense. Why else would there be a garbage island twice the size of Texas inside the Pacific Ocean, where the numbers of plastic pieces outnumber total marine life six to one?

The Ultimate Great Pacific Garbage via HowStuffWorks


In our everyday lives, we are constantly using and touching plastic. Your computers keyboard? Your new pens? The desk chairs in most schools? Plastic is cheap to manufacture, making it a popular material in many products. But recent data shows that 50 percent of plastic we use just once, and then throw away. Plastic isn’t just bad for the environment, it’s bad for our health. Studies show that some compounds found in plastic have even been found to alter our hormones! What can you do to reduce the amount of plastic ocean pollution? Some ways we can reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean is by bringing our own reusable cups to coffee shops or restaurants that allow them, and also using reusable shopping bags and water bottles. Making these changes now is more crucial than ever, as it is predicted that by 2050, there may be more plastic than fish in the ocean.