Keynote Speakers/Performers

Ethan O’Brien | Founder of Living Garden Foods Corp, SFU Beedie Graduate

Ethan O’Brien is a graduate of SFU’s Beedie School of Business where he studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation with a minor in Sustainable Community Development. Ethan is the founder of Living Garden Foods Corp where he has paired his passion for business and sustainability into a company that is creating indoor food systems capable of producing food year round in any climate.


Living Garden Foods builds food systems in schools with 8 different teachable learning stations and a 270 lesson teaching curriculum. They do everything from small classroom vertical farms, to designing full-scale production classrooms capable of producing thousands of pounds of food per year inside the school. Ethan’s goal is to help schools educate students about how to grow their own food indoors, how to make smart food choices and how to live a healthy, happy, and sustainable life through local food.

Kimberley Wong |  Activist, Co-Founder of City Hub Initiative

Kimberley Wong is a climate action and social justice activist, majoring in Geography (Environment and Sustainability) and doing an interdisciplinary minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice, Anthropology, and Political Science at the University of British Columbia. She prides herself on being a speed-walking go-getter full of optimism, and compliments her academic and extracurricular activities with running, cycling, hiking, and rock climbing.

She currently enjoys working as a community organizer with Love Intersections, a group of queer and trans people of colour who form solidarity through a language of love and a lens of intersectional feminism using a multimedia approach, and as a very proud Co-Founder of City Hub Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth succeed in their sustainability and social justice projects by providing basic infrastructure and guidance to them. City Hub Initiative is a co-working space for young change makers, by young change makers.

Kimberley has worked as the Co-Director of Kids for Climate Action, a group of youth advocating for stronger political action on climate change, and as an organizer for the Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference. Kimberley’s most recent accolade includes winning the 2016 City Of Vancouver Greenest City Leadership Award of Excellence.