Keynote Speakers/Performers





Luke Wallace

Hailing from the Coast Salish Territory known as Vancouver, BC, folk musician and activist Luke Wallace represents a global shift in environmental leadership. Whether performing at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival or fundraising for frontline communities, Luke Wallace builds bridges wherever he goes.

Luke spends his time using his music as a platform to amplify the voices of communities threatened by unjust resource extraction, and to contribute to the growing revolution spreading across the earth. Luke’s “folktivism” has taken him far and wide; from France for COP21, Costa Rica where he represented his coast at a climate change conference, to roaming through Canada’s west coast and interior.

During his travels he strives to share as many stories as he can about the incredibly resilient and inspiring people fighting to protect the environments that sustain them and their communities. He believes that music and story are some of humanity’s most powerful tools and has seen firsthand their ability to inspire a shift in individuals’ and communities’ attitudes.

Luke is a part of “Come To Life Music“, an artist-led music collective that utilizes musicians’ voices to inspire change for humanity and the planet.



Allyse Li

As the founder and principal of RAAW +design, LI’s vision for creating spaces that are not only beautiful, but also culturally authentic is brought to life with the establishment of her Vancouver based interior design studio. With professional background in interior design and LEED practices, she continues to meet client expectations and deliver top quality work. LI is also a proclaimed pianist, educator and public speaker. She has spoken at UBC to international youth groups on personal development and inspiration. In 2015, LI co-founded Le MU furniture, an exclusive collection of curated Neo-Chinese Classical furniture that is designed for the contemporary context. Her enthusiasm for creating thoughtful spaces that nurture the soul and ignite the human spirit is manifested in all that she creates.





Jay Matsushiba

Jay Matsushiba is a naturalist, educator, outdoors person and student. He works as an Educator for the Vancouver Aquarium and as a Program Facilitator for Metro Vancouver, sharing his love for nature to children and youth. He is a passionate environmentalist, having volunteered his time to various sustainability focused organizations, including the David Suzuki Foundation, CPAWS-BC and Catching the Spirit. He is currently in his second year of studies at Simon Fraser University studying Biological Sciences. In his free time, Jay often finds himself outdoors. He spends his weekends in the mountains: hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing and more. Jay lives for the thrill of new experiences, from scuba diving in Howe Sound to backpacking along the mighty West Coast Trail.





Lisa Papania

Lisa Papania teaches design, innovation and business marketing – with a focus on sustainability and creating a circular, community-focused entrepreneurial economy – at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. She has a PhD from SFU in Canada, and an MBA from Wits Business School in South Africa. Our uncertain world requires leaders that will shape the future positively. Lisa’s research and teaching focus increasingly on the environments and circumstances that enable and encourage individuals to identify their own paths to intentionally creating and contributing to meaningful change. Her research and teaching focuses on engaging students in developing innovative solutions in consideration of local and broader social and environmental issues. In 2015 Lisa created an action research project, Lupii Cafe, to enact, support and study positive community-focused sustainability interventions. Lupii Cafe is a community-focused, sustainable, zero waste initiative aimed at improving the resilience of Lisa’s immediate and broader community over time.



Caroline Merner

Caroline is a passionate environmental educator and a sustainability enthusiast. Caroline works at Ocean Wise engaging youth in ocean conservation. She co-directed the Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office in 2016-17 and, since 2015, has served as a Youth Advisory Group member for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. Her background in conservation has taken her to the Arctic, Hawaii, Peru, Chile and Banff, as a workshop facilitator and international conference delegate. As a graduate from Dalhousie University in Sustainability and International Development, Caroline’s thesis focused on effective climate change communication. She is  now thrilled to co-direct Climate Guides in Vancouver. For her work, Caroline has been named Green Student of the Year by Dalhousie University, an inaugural Young Women for Nature by Nature Canada, and a Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalists by Starfish Canada.