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Meet the organizers of the 11th Annual VSB Sustainability Conference!

Ainslie Yang


Ainslie Yang is a Grade 12 student at Prince of Wales Mini entering her third year of involvement with the VSBSC. Ever since she was young, she’s enjoyed spending her time outdoors, preferably hiking, camping, or doing anything in the mountains. Her love for the environment has led her to become an active advocate for climate justice and other social issues. Along with chairing the VSBSC, she’s president of her school’s Sustainability Club, is Secretary of her school’s student council, and participates in Canada’s Regional Ethics Bowl Competition, where her team has placed first two years in a row. She is passionate about intersectional environmentalism, Indigenous sovereignty, and sustainable design. In her free time, Ainslie can be found reading, watching Netflix, and forgetting to bring her gear to field hockey practice. She’s so excited to meet all the youth passionate about environmentalism at this year’s conference and looks forward to empowering new generations with knowledge about the climate crisis.

Benjamin Yen

Workshops Coordinator

Benjamin is a grade 12 student enrolled in the Summit Program at Van Tech Secondary. He is returning for his second year on the executive team, switching to the Workshop Department. Excited for the new challenge, he aims to apply the skills gained from his previous role to this new position. Ben advocates for environmental issues and believes groups such as VSBSC are crucial for creating substantial change. Outside of the initiative, he serves on VanTech’s student council for his fourth year, championing student issues and representing his constituents. He is also President of his school’s UNICEF club and newly established Student Newspaper, both student groups aiming to better the community. In his free time, people can find him researching global issues, cooking up a storm, or listening to his favourite podcasts. Working in collaboration with executives, he aims to innovate the VSBSC by creating new formats of enrichment for youth.

Madhavi Soni

Logistics Coordinator

Madhavi Soni is a grade 11 student attending the John Oliver Digital Immersion Mini School Program. This is her second year with the VSBSC and she is very excited to be returning to the executive team as one of the Logistics Coordinators. She is a very active and passionate advocate for women’s rights, mental health, climate action, and intersectional environmentalism. She advocates for these issues and gives back to the community by being a part of organizations such as Here4Peers, the Youth Cares Committee, St John Ambulance, JO Cares, and VSBSC. In her spare time, she enjoys playing basketball, playing the piano, and listening to music. She is excited to create meaningful change by connecting with her community and contributing to educating the youth about how to lead sustainable lives!

Kaya Horii

Graphics and Publicity

Kaya Horii (she/they) is currently a grade 12 student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. This is Kaya’s second year working with the VSBSC organization and is excited to be part of the amazing team of individuals that make up the executive team. Growing up in Vancouver has created a love for all things nature-related, and Kaya hopes to use this passion for the environment to create sustainable learning opportunities in the school district and inspire more youth to take meaningful action within their own lives. Social justice, community building, culture, and diversity are all integral values, and Kaya works to implement them into various positions she holds in her volunteer organizations, such as St. John Ambulance, Student Council, Leo Club, and her school’s Youth Feminist Association to name a few. When not working on VSBSC projects or struggling with technology, Kaya enjoys participating in school clubs and initiatives, doodling, taking late-afternoon naps, playing video games, and hanging out with her dog, Yoshi. She hopes to see you at VSBSC’s next event!

Anders Lee

Workshop Coordinator

Anders is a Grade 11 student at Point Grey Secondary. After having a little too much fun as a YHD, he is more than ecstatic to join the VSBSC this year as a Workshops Coordinator! Anders has always been passionate about creating change in his community through innovative ideas. He is an advocate for social justice and likes to challenge the status quo. In his spare time, Anders is often found collapsed on his bedroom floor beside uneaten tomato soup due to exhaustion. However, when he isn’t asleep, he enjoys playing various instruments, throwing the worst hucks ever, endlessly talking about French grammar, writing obscure metaphors (and run-on sentences, apparently), complaining about InDesign, and registering for the most random contests & competitions that he and his friends can find. Anders hopes that this year’s conference broadens the understanding of sustainability and inspires the next wave of youth to become stewards of their community.

Samantha Sheh

Logistics Coordinator

Samantha Sheh is a grade 11 student attending Prince of Wales Secondary School. She has been partaking in VSBSC conferences since grade 8 and had an amazing experience as a YHD in 2022. Sam is beyond thrilled to be part of the executive team as logistics coordinator this year! She is enthusiastic about climate education and is involved with other environmental organizations such as Youth4Action and GardenBank Conservation Society. Sam also volunteers with the BC Children’s Hospital and is Co-President of her school’s math club. Her hobbies include baking and dancing, but she also loves immersing herself in piles of sci-fi books and biographies in her spare time. One of her goals with VSBSC is to engage individuals with meaningful and accessible projects to take climate action. She is beyond excited to connect with passionate youth and create a positive impact in the community through VSBSC!

Ella Majkic

Graphics and Publicity

Ella Majkic is a grade 12 student at Prince of Wales Mini school. After her involvement with the VSBSC as a YHD last year, she is excited to return this year as one of the Graphics and Publicity Coordinators. Sustainability and social justice are very important topics to her – she has involved herself in many initiatives and events such as VSBSC, Here4Peers, and Ethics Bowl. Being outspoken and eager to create change has led her to be on her school’s student council executive board as Social Coordinator and have started a podcast on social justice issues called Perspective Podcast. Ella can often be found reading, writing, practicing chemistry, listening to The Weeknd, and walking by the beach. She is grateful to be part of such an inspiring organization and encourages everyone to get involved!

Leona Lam

Public Outreach Coordinator

Leona Lam is a grade 12 student at Churchill Secondary. She has a genuine interest in social justice, climate action and sustainability. As a result, she has been involved with VSBSC for four years now, one as a Youth Head Delegate and three-time Public Outreach Coordinator. Giving back to the community is a core value of hers, and she dedicates her time to volunteering with the BC Heritage Fairs Society, SWC Student Council as the President-elect, coaches kids with Sportball and works as a hostess at Cactus Club. Her hopes are to create sustainable and meaningful change through this platform that fosters a safe place to discuss climate change concerns and action plans. Leona hopes to connect with, learn from, and inspire young leaders and thinkers of Canada. She cannot wait to connect with the VSBSC community again!

Connor Law

Public Outreach Coordinator

Connor Law is a Grade 12 student attending Sir Winston Churchill Secondary. With his first year being part of the VSBSC, Connor is prepared and excited to give it his all as your outreach coordinator for the year. Over the years, his appreciation for the environment and life around him has continued to grow, along with the urge to do his best to protect it. Although not his first non profit organization, the VSBSC is the start of Connor’s advocacy for sustainability! With the little spare time he has, Connor spends it with friends crammed on a couch only meant for 3, playing piano and guitar, watching the newest KDrama, complaining about calculus and working as an Expeditor at Cactus Club! Connor can’t wait to meet and lead the members of the VSB looking for change within our community!

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