Earth Day Parade & Festival

Our future depends on the decisions we make today. There is still hope for a greener planet, but that won’t last forever if we don’t take action today.

In a snapshot, planet Earth won’t ever be the same again. Don’t bother looking back. At this point there is no going back, because we cannot undo our actions. Polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are constantly on the rise, and our world is on the verge of falling apart. Climate change is evident everywhere you turn. It’s a scientifically proven fact we can no longer deny.

Around the world, vast populations are facing mass destruction. But why is this so? Surprisingly enough, the effects of climate change are all linked back to human activity. The truth is, people like you and me are the root cause of environmental destruction.

This Saturday, April 22nd at 1:00pm, we ask you to come to Commercial Drive and Broadway to take a stand for climate justice! Join us at the 7th Annual Earth Day Parade & Festival for a family-friendly event filled with live music, entertainment, activities, special guests, creative art and much more!

On behalf of the organizing team, Youth for Climate Justice Now (Y4CJN), we hope to see you there!