The VSBSC is proud to present 13 amazing workshops this year! Check them out below:

Ocean Wise: Influencing Seafood Sustainability Through Consumer Demand with Claire Li Loong
Over the past few years, Ocean Wise has risen as one of the key eco-labeling programs in Canada. Learn how seafood sustainability can be achieved by transforming the seafood market directly through consumers.

So you want to be a volunteer? with Micheala Montaner
Finding a volunteer position to match your skills, goals, passions, and schedule can be tough, but it’s not impossible. In this workshop you’ll learn where to look for your dream volunteer job and, when you find it, how to get and keep it. Can’t find the right position? We’ll also cover the basics of how to create and pitch your own position. Whatever your reason for getting involved, the links, stories, and insider tips in this workshop will forever change the way you think about volunteering!

Organizing 101 with Bryan Buraga and Harrison Phillips
Always wondering how to make something happen, but don’t know how to do it? We’ve got the workshop for you! This workshop will teach you how to organize a movement and tell your story in order to gain supporters. We will be going over tips and tricks to make your campaign on an issue that much more successful.

Barriers to Getting Outside with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
How much time do you spend outside? What’s stopping you? This workshop focuses on the obstacles youth face in connecting with nature, solutions to combat those obstacles, and what you can do to change that. It helps encourage participants to become leaders in their communities to promote getting outside!

Exploring the Culture of Food Waste with Diane Kiss and Laura
Have you ever wondered where your food came from or how it got there? Despite our great love for food, the waste generated in the process is a growing concern. Through student led discussions this workshop will help participants develop an understanding of the culture of food waste, and explore ways to inspire others to do the same in their communities!

Nature, Love, Climate Change – It gets complicated, doesn’t it? with Diana Ellis and Jim Park
During the climate talks in Paris we heard stories about complex negotiations on many levels, and plenty of alarming data regarding climate change as well as much optimism. Does it feel personal to you? Does it feel urgent? Do you see the data as connected to nature – your personal love, use of, and participation in nature? Do you think it’s true that if you love something, you’ll protect it, treasure it – and fight for it? Bring your memories, experience, worries and hopes to this interactive workshop and we’ll tell our truths about what nature means to us. And understand why, in these times especially, loving nature can be a radical act.

Climate Change vs. Capitalism with Rebekah Parker
What do clothing swaps and climate change have in common? Taking inspiration from Naomi Klein’s recent book, this workshop will focus on finding ways to look beyond capitalism in our schools and communities. Learn about cooperatives and sharing economies (beyond Uber), how they can help address climate change, and develop ideas as a group of what you can bring back to your school.

Divestment 101 with Kate Hodgson
What is fossil fuel divestment, and how does it help get us where we need to go? What are the intersections of divestment with the larger climate justice movement? And how do we organize our local and global communities to enact the changes we need? Join UBCC350 to dive into the 101’s of divestment, community organizing, and political change-making. Whether you want to get involved in your own divestment campaign, or whether you just want to learn how to to build an effective campaign, this is the workshop for you!

Brainstorm Your Ideas for the VSB Sustainability Action Plan with Ron Macdonald
The VSB is developing a sustainability action plan and wants to hear from you! Come to this session to hear a short overview of the action plan, and have a chance to meet the VSB’s Sustainability Manager. Then, contribute your ideas to make the district more sustainable and help set priorities through a round of ‘dotmocracy’.

Environmental Outreach: Lighting the Spark with Miki Eslake
Creating a successful environmental movement involves reaching a wide audience, effectively communicating information, and inspiring other people to care. In this workshop, students will learn how to take their passions and communicate those to other members of the public in order to gain support for their cause. We will examine effective ways of connecting with people from varied backgrounds and explore different ways to transmit information (for example, through art, videos, and public speaking). The skills gained in this workshop will be useful to students looking to get involved in outreach or public education.

Action Planning with Karen Stroebel and Michele Walter
Have you ever had an issue that you’re passionate about — whether it be waste reduction, raising general awareness about environmental sustainability in schools, or promoting healthy lifestyles – but found it difficult to turn these ideas into action? This workshop aims to build that bridge, by providing effective tools, tips, and tricks for action planning for events, campaigns and other action projects.

Water Sustainability and Youth4Tap with Jason Farra
Water is essential to life. From its conservation and consumption, to its privatization and misuse, water can be a contentious global and local issue. Educating each other on water issues is the first step toward water stewardship and responsibility. This workshop can be tailored to educate different groups on a variety of different water-related topics ranging from privatization to watersheds to conservation to bottled water.

How to Conduct an Outdoor Learning Resource Inventory at your School with Hartley Banack
Participants will explore some basic theory around Outdoor Learning and Experiential Learning. Then, participants will venture outdoors to conduct an audit of outdoor spaces and how these can be used by teachers for outdoor learning experiences that tie into the BC Curriculum. By the end of the workshop, participants shall be prepared to return to their own schools and begin implementing an outdoor learning resource inventory with students, teachers, and administrators.