VSBSC 2020 Team

Samantha Lin (Chair)

Entering her Grade 12 year at Prince of Wales, this is Sam’s third year with the conference. She has made sustainability and climate action a priority in all aspects of life and strives to impact the world around her positively. One of Sam’s overarching goals is to inspire those around her to take initiative on their passions – whether it be starting a conversation, spreading awareness, or getting involved with local organizations. In her spare time, Sam is an organizer with Sustainabiliteens, is involved with student council, and loves bike riding, hiking, and camping.

Andrew Liu (Logistics Coordinator)

A sophomore at University Hill Secondary, Andrew is delighted to serve as one of the Logistics Coordinators at VSBSC 2020. He has become increasingly concerned in recent years about the numerous sustainability related problems plaguing the planet. Whether it is solving the climate emergency that Earth is facing or dealing with the mountains of plastic trash invading the oceans, Andrew believes that solving these issues should always start with youth action. The VSBSC will educate and give students the skills and motivation they need to make their own lives more sustainable as well as celebrate all the progress that has already been achieved. When not working on the conference or stressing out over schoolwork, Andrew can be seen participating in debate rounds, playing the piano, or contributing to local non-profit organizations. This will be Andrew’s first year with the conference, but he is nonetheless confident that it will be the most successful iteration yet. He looks forward to meeting everyone at VSBSC 2020 and hopes that it will be a fun and inspiring experience for all attendees. 

Sara Enkhbold (Logistics Coordinator)

Sara is entering Grade 12 at Richmond Secondary School. She is thrilled to be a part of the VSBSC team for the first time this year. She became more and more concerned about the environmental issues in the world after witnessing its effects on nature and human health. Her passion for sustainability grew when she first joined her school green team two years ago. She is currently involved in multiple environmental projects in her community such as pollinator garden, waste reduction, and earth week. Through VSBSC she hopes to inspire people around her to take sustainability initiatives in their homes, and communities. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, volunteering, reading, and painting.

Diane Pan (Workshop Coordinator)

Diane is a Grade 12 student at Eric Hamber and she is super excited to be a workshop coordinator for this year’s VSB Sustainability Conference. She is leading her school’s Environmental Club, as her interest in sustainability sparked when she first joined the club. Since then she has learned about beekeeping, gardening, insect hotel management, and other environmental projects. She is currently attending MVST 2019, and is looking forward to doing more for her community while meeting new people. She also leads the Sketchbook Club, hoping to support young aspiring artists at her school. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and painting, reading, and sleeping. Diane hopes to make this year’s VSBSC an impactful experience for everyone and to inspire climate activism in more people. 

Myra Wei (Workshop Coordinator)

Myra Wei is a grade 11 student at Prince of Wales Secondary School. She is very excited to be returning to the VSBSC Executive Team as a Workshop Coordinator this year. Myra is passionate about sustainable growth and development in the community, and believes in building connections to encourage environmental action. In her spare time, Myra can be found at her dance studio where she spends most of her afternoons, and at Columbus Residences where she volunteers. She hopes that attendees leave this year’s conference learning something new and feeling inspired. 

Yimeng Li (Public Outreach Coordinator)

Yimeng is a Grade 12 student IB Diploma student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, and is ecstatic to serve as Public Outreach Coordinator for this iteration of the VSB Sustainability Conference! She is a motivated senior with a goal of creating change within our community and our environment. Since a young age, Yimeng has been passionate about research and the ways they can improve the world around us. She has spent the majority of her high school working on science fair projects, with her most recent project  dedicated to innovating the way we use and recycle wastewater. When she is not studying, Yimeng can be found binge watching reality TV shows, painting in her sketchbook, or attempting to clean her basement laboratory. She’s super excited to see you all there!

Audrey Soo (Graphic Design and Publicity Coordinator)

Audrey is a grade 12 student at Eric Hamber Secondary and is super excited to help organize the VSBSC this year! Her passion for sustainability stemmed from when she first learned that eating a more plant based diet can help the environment. After attending the Metro Vancouver Sustainability Toolbox in 2018, she has been inspired to take on more leadership roles to share her ideas and hopefully, make an impact on the people around her. Audrey enjoys baking, spending time outdoors, biking, and volunteering. Though this is her first year on the VSBSC team, she is excited to challenge herself as the graphic design and publicity coordinator and can’t wait to see what she’ll create! She hopes to see you all at the 2020 VSBSC!