VSBSC 2016: Re-Rooting Sustainability!

Our theme for this year’s VSB Sustainability Conference is Re-Rooting Sustainability. Clever, right?

What bloomed from a joke about trees grew into a theme that has a much deeper meaning. How can we re-introduce sustainability to those who are already so familiar with it, but keep it simple and new for those who know nothing about it?

By re-”rooting” sustainability, we hope to create new roots for environmental activists, re-engaging them in issues they may not yet know about. Sustainability is often overlooked as being too green and radical, and many people don’t focus on the economical or social aspect of sustainability. In this year’s workshops, we won’t just focus on our environment. We want to help youth understand all aspects of sustainability, tying in the environmental benefits with a high-performing economy and educated society.

To re-root, or re-route, sustainability is to build a new path for youth to consider. Reaching a sustainable world is not as easy as we may think. The environment is just one of the many things governments have to consider when making decisions. Sometimes the most affordable land includes the destruction of a forest ecosystem. Or releasing toxic chemicals in our oceans. Surely multi-millionaires must know how damaging this is to our environment, so why aren’t they doing anything about it?

This year’s conference hopes to destigmatize sustainability and create a new meaning behind the word for all the participants.