Can you believe the VSB Sustainability Conference 2015 is less than 24 hours away? We are just as excited as you, and we cannot wait to see you all there!
This year, just sorting through the name tags… wow. I am so impressed by the sheer volume of passionate environmentalists out there. Whether you are new or a veteran to sustainability, we know you will LOVE what we have planned for tomorrow. So come with an open mind and enthusiasm and be prepared to experience awesomeness in its entirety!
Just to build up of your anticipation even more, I will give you a sneak peek: sustainable urban development, cookies, youth activism, muffins… the rest you will see tomorrow!
To make sure the event runs smoothly, and is extra enjoyable for everyone, we have several reminders:
  1. If you are VSB student who has not yet handed in their consent forms, please bring them!
  2. Bring a reusable thermos or mug for some deliciousness between the workshops.
  3. Arrive promptly at, or before, 8:15am. You wouldn’t want to miss any part of our exciting day! (yes, set your alarms)
  4. Attend your scheduled workshops. (You are encouraged to bring note taking materials.)
  5. Use our hashtag #VSBSC2015!
A side note: If you are arriving to our venue, Eric Hamber Secondary School (5025 Willow Street, Vancouver, BC), via the Canada Line, our volunteers outside the station will guide you in the right direction. We will also have volunteers stationed outside the school to guide you to the Main Gym, where we will be holding registration.
Lastly, and most importantly…HAVE FUN and be ready to LEARN LOTS!
See all your beautiful faces at 8:15am tomorrow.
– Sunny