Thank You!

The VSBSC planning team would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has helped the conference come to life! We’re less than two weeks away from the big day now, and we wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the support of everyone around us.

To our YHDs: Thank you for all of your work, and for bringing people to the conference—you are the reason we can gather together so much inspiration!
To our volunteers: Thank you for giving up a Pro-D day to help us out! We greatly appreciate your time, and though a commemorative button may not compensate for it, we hope you wear it proud!
To our VSB sponsors: Thank you so much for being so willing to support our project, and for the eagerness in helping out with what’s tough for students to do with this student-run conference! It feels really great to know that we have so much support coming from all directions, and we really appreciate the help.
To our sponsors: Thank you for your generous donations and sponsorship of our conference! Your support is greatly appreciated, and it has brought vibrancy to the VSBSC. You have also helped us make the VSBSC more accessible to students—this year, thanks to our gracious sponsors, we are able to provide the conference free of charge for all attendees.



And to our attendees (everyone in attendance!): Thank you for your interest, thank you for your passion, thank you for your spark! We wouldn’t have any dots to connect if it weren’t for you, and we can’t thank you enough for being so motivated and willing to learn, explore, and take action. We’re excited to meet you all on April 27th!

Thank you to Co-Design for training youth artists. Thank you to students for working on lighting and sound for the event, and teachers for the lending of their classrooms, and even classes in support of the conference. Thank you to all parties who have helped us promote the conference, and thank you to all those who have listened!

And to anyone and everyone else—thank you so much for your support! We truly wouldn’t be able to do this without the team of people behind us, and we’d like to acknowledge and celebrate their efforts. Thank you—and we look forward to coming together on April 27th!

Thank you count: 15
Days until the conference: 12!

– Tiffany