State of the Commit-tea

With less than a month until the conference, the VSBSC Planning Committee has been working double-time!

 Armed with laptops, iPads, or smartphones (in Alice‘s case, all three), the Planning Com’s weekly meetings are something of an incredible feat. Just ask Josephine: finding a meeting time for all seven busy bees is actually no small miracle. With Tiffany away adventuring in Europe, the team has had to do without her lovely smile and inexhaustible snack foods. Instead, we now survive solely on chocolate—and of course, tea. Our favourite is still sustainabili-tea!

The team has grown very fond of each other in the past couple of months as love triumphs in Aaron’s love-hate relationship with everyone. Bonds are even forged over Jo’s sluggish internet as we brainstorm on how to make this year’s VSBSC the best yet (hint: it includes vegan wraps… and—you guessed it—tea). It also goes without saying that our line-up of keynote and workshop presenters are phenomenal this year; Annie is in awe at the amount of emails she sends to keep this all together. None of the conference would be possible, however, without our silent warrior Justin. Him and this year’s volunteers are all action: they’re ready to make all of our planning a reali-tea! With so many exciting things ahead, we’re hoping that the day of the conference will be as bright as Sunny herself (pun intended).

All jokes aside, the behind-the-scenes work we do for the conference is what ultimately brings us closer together. This means that we appreciate each and every Planning Com member, including Silas and his obsession with calculus. We work as a team, but we’ll always be family!

Can’t wait to meet everyone on the 27th 🙂


– Jo