Brian Wong (COV 2020 Plan)

Erzsi Institorisz (GreenSeeds Music Society) Performer

     Erzsi is a multi-lingual singer songwriter, Co-Founder of GreenSeeds Music Society, Climate Reality Project Leader, Suzuki Speaks and ButterflyWay Project Ranger with the David Suzuki Foundation. Her experience living, playing and exploring in the West Coast sparked a passion for our natural surroundings. She believes that music and art evoke empathy and encourage connections and wants to inspire others to be warriors of the land, water and air through music and media.

Graham Matheson (Community Eats)

     Graham is a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia and President of UBC Sprouts, a volunteer-run food sustainability cooperative based out of UBC’s Vancouver Campus. Graham just finished his term as the Director of Sprouts’ Community Eats initiative, which seeks to reduce local food waste and community food insecurity by preparing weekly by-donation meals made entirely of diverted food waste.

Andrea Wickham (Green Buildings Planner)

     Andrea Wickham is a senior Green Building Planner at the City of Vancouver. In this role, Andrea is responsible for developing policy and regulations – related to zoning and development – to support the development of zero emission buildings.    

     Her current projects include developing relaxations to Vancouver’s zoning to facilitate Passive House building, and exploring policy barriers to Passive House. Previous projects include traditional urban planning projects, major project redevelopment in Vancouver’s downtown core, and heritage revitalization work.  


Brian Beck (Waste Management)

     Brian has worked for many years in government and private industry as professional engineer focused on helping people to live more efficient and hopefully more fulfilling lives.  He has help to design and build the first fiber optic networks in Canada, some of the first fuel cell electric cars and power systems in the world, and most recently working at the City leading projects related to greener transportation, cleaner air, zero waste, energy recovery and emergency planning.   

Stephen White (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation)

     Stephen grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba and has a background in environmental science and non profit management. For the last 7 years Stephen has been working with the non profit organization, BEST and has coordinated their Bicycle Valet, Commuter Challenge and Living Streets programs. Stephen represents BEST sits on numerous committees covering transportation topics across the region including the City of Vancouver Transportation 2040 Stakeholder Committee, Mobility Pricing Stakeholders Workshops and the Next Generation of BC Ferries Working Group.”