Keynote Speakers/Performers

headshotAnjali Appaduri | Climate Justice Activist and Campaigner with West Coast Environmental Law

Anjali has been a delegate at six major UN conferences, organized youth from all over the world, and helped to build a strong youth voice in the UN Climate Convention. She continues to be a part of the local movements for First Nations sovereignty and against irresponsible resource development. With West Coast Environmental Law, Anjali works to place the spotlight of responsibility on one of the main culprits of climate change – the fossil fuel industry.

The personal is political, and Anjali is interested in how the new world lives in our minds and hearts. She continues to explore the question of how to tell the story of climate justice in a way that re-frames the values we want to live in accordance with. She also acknowledges that climate change requires us to fundamentally change everything about how we understand our relationship to one another and to the earth – and therefore is not simply an “environmental” issue, but rather a complex challenge that is just as much about social justice as it is about sustainability. Follow her on twitter @anjaliapp

Allison Pritchard Head ShotAllison Pritchard |  Loran Scholar ’14

Allison is a second-year applied animal biology student at the University of British Columbia. Following her undergrad, she intends to pursue a master’s and doctorate degree in the field of wildlife conservation. She is currently the president of the UBC Parks Canada Club, sits on the Student Sustainability Council and an executive for Common Energy – UBC’s largest sustainability club.

Her love of outdoor adventure is the reason she is involved in the area of sustainability. Allison wants to do everything she can to protect the natural world so that everyone can experience the wonderful and breathtaking moments in nature and have the opportunity to connect with an Earth that is wild, clean and equitable. In her opinion, one of the best ways to do this is to address sustainability on an individual level. Allison is a firm believer that if individuals make small, intentional, changes to their daily life, the collective impact will change the world. She knows that sustainability is complex and can sometimes seem unattainable, but she hope to convince each of you that you play a crucial role in creating positive change.

headshotAngelica Poversky | the Poet

Angelica Poversky is 5’3″ of vertically challenged creative passion who wants to use spoken words to create movements of thought. She’s always trying to think of new ways to use words and is perplexed by language. She is the founder and festival director of Richmond’s first youth-led outdoors arts festival, Arts in the Park and always on the go when it comes to artistic event coordination. Devoted to the outdoors, Angelica has volunteered as an intern facilitator at the leadership summit, Get Outside BC and as a wild ambassador for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society where she talked about plants to kids these days. If you see Angelica in her natural habitat, she is probably reading her first poetry chapbook “She Is”,  hosting a radio-show or fearing proper punctuation,

Angelica is Vancouver’s Top 24 under 24, Richmond’s 30 under 30 and a Richmond Arts Award Winner. She’s been a performer at many fun events such as Word Vancouver or the CHIIMO Our Voices against Violence, a speaker at The Top 25 under 25 Canadian Environmentalists Awards and at the Richmond Earth Day Youth Summit. She’s happy to be here!