An update from the team!

Just over a month ago, the planning committee met each other for the first time. Coming from all across Vancouver, we quickly bonded over Karmen’s vegan pizza and three different types of fried rice while Denise shared her love for dolphins. Alice’s endless enthusiasm spread throughout the committee as everyone began working on their tasks. Hearing about Phyllis’ lifelong passion for quality cookies, learning about the scandalous stories on Inpower from Emily, listening to Silas’ jazzy instrumental elevator music—every meeting is full of fun and productivity. As Andrea rounds up the last of the YHDs and Zelyn weighs the pros and cons between different catering companies, one thing is certain: the planning for this year’s conference is looking great.

We hope you’re looking forward to the conference as much as us, and remember to check out our website for weekly posts! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for a post introducing the committee with cheery? chairy? photos of all of us!