An Idea: There Is An Idea Here!

The story of the plastic bottle greenhouse project began with a conference called the Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference (VSBSC) in 2016. At the time, I was new to leading my school’s environmental club, so attending this conference with my friend and co-club coordinator, Amanda Luu, made us very eager to jump-start a project at our school. The workshops were really interesting, informative, and engaging, but what really stood out to us was an idea that one of the keynote speakers had talked about: the plastic bottle greenhouse.

For the rest of the conference and on the transit ride home, Amanda and I continued to discuss what we thought would be the most astounding venture to bring to Johnston Heights Secondary. Eventually, our enthusiasm got the best of us, and we just had to email all our questions to the keynote speaker, Allison Pritchard. She was quick to respond and we were thrilled to introduce the project to our exuberant Environmental Club. Being a long and strenuous plan, the plastic bottle greenhouse was put aside for smaller projects during the year until it was ultimately forgotten.

Conveniently, I had the opportunity of attending the Metro Vancouver Sustainability Toolbox (MVST) camp over the summer. MVST, being a credited school course, gave me the extra motivation to once again attempt to implement the project at my school. Now, achieving this greenhouse is the Environmental Club’s main goal. With the help and support of several influential teachers at my school, Admin was persuaded to approve the project, and since then, the project has been well on its way to becoming a reality!