About the VSBSC Logo


Hey everyone! This is the second year we’ve run with this VSBSC logo, and you may be wondering where it came from and what it means.

Logos are pretty cool. Used to identify and symbolize, they’re distinct, they stand out,  they’re adaptable, and they communicate a message. They’re up to your own interpretation, but it’s also interesting to look at the creator’s interpretation. More likely than not, there was rationale behind the logo—reason and justification for its elements.

I designed this logo last year after a lot of thinking about what message I wanted to convey, and a whole lot of sketching to see what worked and what didn’t. The VSB Sustainability Conference is for youth, by youth, and aims to celebrate sustainability and sustainable work happening in our local community!


Through the logo, I hoped to convey sustainability, education, and Vancouver. The points are pencils, and they are shaped like mountains to emulate the beautiful scenery here in Vancouver. They’re pointing up as well, as we’re reaching to achieve the goals we set at the conference. And of course, we have the arrows going around resembling a recycling symbol—which also shows the interconnectedness of it all.

I hope the logo represents the conference well, and conveys a good message along with it! I also hope you remember it as we approach the conference date—we’re just over a week away now, and I really can’t wait to meet you at Hamber on the 27th. Stay green, and thanks for reading!

– Tiffany