VSBSC 2016 Team

Alice Xu | Co-Chair

Alice Xu is an enthusiastic grade 12 student who has been actively involved in her community. As a youth leader, she joined and started many initiatives in her high school career with her peers. In her free time, you’ll find her singing, playing the ukulele, dragon-boating at False Creek, and engaging in sustainability events around Metro Vancouver! From a young age, she realized her early passion for water, but this passion only bloomed in more recent years. As a young activist, she is ready for any challenge that she comes across and has worked with various green organizations around Metro Vancouver to learn about why sustainability is super important in our lives! She can’t wait to see you at the 4th annual VSB Sustainability Conference!

 Contact her at alice@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com

Silas Tsui | Co-Chair

Silas is a passionate grade 12 student at Eric Hamber Secondary. At school, he leads the school Garden Club and manages data/attendance in the Environmental Club. He can also be found working on the yearbook and planning Student Council events. During his free time, he enjoys playing with Excel spreadsheets, solving math contest problems and staying hydrated. He is very fond of eggs over easy. He enjoys learning about the more scientific and technical aspects of sustainability, and hopes everyone can find out what sustainability means to them. He is thankful for the opportunity to be working with such a diverse, excited time, and is looking forward to seeing all of you at the conference!

Contact him at silas@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com

Denise Lee | Co-Speaker Coordinator

Denise is a grade 11 student at Eric Hamber Secondary, and is incredibly excited to be one of the 2016 VSBSC Speaker and Workshop Coordinators. Inspired by the past two conferences she attended, she decided to join the team. She has been involved with sustainability for years, working with plenty of organizations to promote environmental initiatives, especially among youth. You can often find Denise exploring the outdoors, or perched on a cliff porpoise watching (they’re her favorite animal in case you didn’t already know!). If not buried under mountains of calculus homework, she’ll be dragonboating at False Creek or playing guitar. Denise is honored to work with this wonderful team, and can’t wait to meet you all at this year’s VSB Sustainability Conference!

Contact her at workshops@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com

Emily Mittertreiner | Co-Speaker Coordinator

Emily, a grade 10 student at Prince of Wales Mini School, is excited to be this year’s Speaker and Workshop Co-Coordinator. Her interests include campaigning with the environmental organization Kids for Climate Action, keeping heritage alive with the BC Heritage Fairs Society, and writing for United Youth Journalists. She spends her holidays exploring BC with her family by bike, kayak, and Nordic skis, and her free time making music and chatting with friends around the world. Hoping to pursue a career in international relations, with a focus on sustainability, Emily sees her role at the VSBSC as a step towards her future plans. She hopes to see you there!

Contact her at speaker@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com

Andrea Lee | Public Outreach Coordinator

Andrea is a grade 12 student at Lord Byng Secondary and she is returning to the Sustainability Conference, this time, as part of its planning committee.  She is thrilled to be supporting the Youth Head Delegates, as she was one last year.  Through her experiences with various internships and programs, such as SOYL and TREK, she developed a passion for sustainability and continues to pursue it in many different ways, including through exploring green designs for buildings and products.  This year, she is the co-president of her school’s One Club (environment club), which is currently working on a vertical garden project. She loves to sing, dance, play piano and ultimate, run, and study the interpretation of dreams. Andrea hopes to see you at the 2016 Sustainability Conference!

Contact her at outreach@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com

Karmen Leong | Volunteer & Media Coordinator

Karmen Leong is a motivated grade 12 student at Hamber who is filled with lots of excitement, positivity and passion. She is super duper grateful for the opportunity to be the Volunteer & Media Coordinator this year! As an aspiring teacher, she helped spearhead a mentorship program with the Elements Society and the VSB, where students contribute their time as mentors to elementary school students in their environmental initiatives. In her free time, Karmen can be found graphic designing, sprinting, watching YouTube, daydreaming, eating lots of fruits or taking snapchat selfies with her two black cats (and sometimes simultaneously!!) As a happy vegan, she loves life, the planet, and every beautiful being on this Earth. Karmen is oh-so-excited for this conference and hopes to see you all there!

Contact her at volunteer@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com

Phyllis Lesnikov | Operations Coordinator

Phyllis is a grade 10 student currently studying at Stratford Hall, and is especially excited and honored to be the Operations Coordinator of VSBSC 2016. Having been involved with environmental initiatives and activities since she was in grade 5, sustainability, to her, has become more than an obligation, and instead, a part of daily life. She has attended numerous MUN committees related to the environment, and has been a part of the environmental club at her school for a few years. In addition, she has been doing sustainability-related science fairs for about the same amount of time. When she is not involved with either MUN or debate in school, you can find her volunteering, reading books of all varieties, analyzing award-winning movies, or contemplating the state of the society whilst listening to music.

Contact her at operations@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com

Zelyn Lee | Logistics Coordinator

Zelyn is a grade 11 student at Eric Hamber. She is a colour enthusiast, part-time bassoonist, owner of an adorably fat Maine Coon cat, but above all a nature lover. Last year, she had the wonderful opportunity of being a hustling, bustling volunteer at the VSBSC who, fuelled by cookies, scoured the halls endlessly with wads of paper. Little did she know she would return, this time, as the logistics co-ordinator! (To this she foresees even more cookies and scouring, but with a computer instead.) Having traveled to many countries and been exposed to the breath of many cities, she has found a particular interest in the influence of architecture in green living. She has been able to channel this energy by attending numerous conferences, being VP of her school’s environmental club and volunteering at the UBC Biodiversity Museum. Through these outlets she has discovered the wider scope of sustainability and met many amazing people along the way. There’s no shortage of knowledge in this growing field, so she hopes you’ll discover what sustainability means to you at this year’s conference!

Contact her at logistics@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com

Past Chairs

2015: Tiffany Quon & Josephine Liu
2014: Aaron Leung
2013: Tesicca Truong